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My Letter To America

Black Camaileon

New York

To Whom It May Concern,

Since the FBI email probe letter has erupted around October 28 2016 Donald Trump, representatives of the Republican National Committee, the surrogates of Donald Trump (namely his kids), and Trump’s latest campaign manager have been on a rampage and lying to the American people all over America and to the rest of the World who is watching us.

The Media to Trump’s benefit has most definitely enabled the entire republican campaign to spread these lies by showing thousands of clips containing false rhetoric against Hillary Clinton all in the name of good ratings.What was a lie? Let me tell you, if you already don’t know, Donald wanted people think that Hillary Clinton was going to jail. In one debate I have observed Donald Trump threatening to jail this former First Lady if he ever became president right on national television.

I have recently seen a commercial aired on November 6, 2016 making fun of Hillary Clinton showing a supposed look alike holding a chainsaw and underneath in bold it mentioned “FBI reopens email probe.” On the same day, FBI director James Comey cleared Hillary Clinton deferring to his initial finding that “nothing criminal” was contained in those 650,000 emails which included mostly duplicates and personal emails.

Donald Trump has stated well over 100 times that the FBI’s reopening was going to be “even worse than Watergate.”

The Media fails to reveal the truth enough to the American Public; that according to Washington Correspondent and Fact Checker Daniel Dale, Donald Trump lies more than is opponent 8 times to 1; that is 104 times to 13 simplified if Daniel Dale is checking my statements.

Hillary Clinton is a strong woman who has learned how to survive in a man’s world. Donald Trump has even spoke about her toughness in his second debate against Hillary Clinton in which he lost again by the way. Trump Stated "she's a fighter" and "doesn't quit.” The truth is that many men, including men in politics, men in the FBI and men around the world are actually intimidated by women even remotely like Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton reminds me of my mother who is strong as she is loving and caring for all people.

Hilary Clinton is not just going to lay there and be attacked by People like Donald Trump … No pun intended.

Hillary Clinton is going to fight to the bitter end and that is why like Oprah … I’m With Her!

Hillary Clinton will be the first Presidential Elect in America that just happens to be“real” women that any human in America has ever been able to vote for. I say “that” is something worth fighting for Donald Trump. I am unlike the so many people who still think that they know you. I do not believe that you alone can stop this! I also do not believe that you have fooled enough Americans that could stop Hillary for you.


After you lose this election, please be gracious for a change and concede to your much smarter and mentally stronger rival … Hillary Clinton.

I apologize in advance if I offended you or your family in any way as I know that the truth really hurts sometimes.


Black Camaileon


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