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One Nation

These are corrupt times. The Majority of people in our plant whom I call "the mob" are

fascinated with evil deeds. That's right ... I am saying that people are fascinated with evilness

of any form.

The planet that we live in is slowly falling apart due to the ongoing environmental damage

from the humans who in this world as we continue to pollute our atmosphere mainly

with fossil fuels that continue to deplete the ozone layers that protect our world from


For years, our unstable climate has provided hundreds of signs that plead for humans

to change the way that we use energy as our climate continues to face increasing instability.

It is only a matter of time that massive human death will follow and we will all be at the

mercy of human nature who has warned us for centuries.

Now and only now is the time for humans to be aware of the all that is going on around us

and plead to the leaders who we have elected to make choices that concern our world and our


Now and only now while we are still alive we must come together as one nation and use

are minds and eliminate any activity that contributes to major depletion of the ozone layer

above our world and replace that activity with alternative energy options that do not destroy

our world.

Now is the time that we must pray and embrace our God and our faith in each other through

our unity as all men and women make a collective effort to change course to save the

lives or our children and give our planet and humanity a future.

Now is the time that we cannot side with the forces evilness and corruption as we

would surely be doomed. Therefore, now is the time that we must take a stand and

come face to face with those that will not take a stand and open there eyes to reason

through love and perseverance.


Black Camaileon

#politics #love #music #religion

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